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Limited liability company "Atmosfera" (Coworking, located in the SEC "RIO" Leninsky at: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 109, site, further - Coworking, undertakes all reasonable measures to protect the received personal data from destruction, distortion or disclosure. The subject of personal data agrees to Coworking for processing, including collecting, organizing, storing, storing, clarifying, using, disseminating (including transfer and cross-border transfer), depersonalizing, blocking, destroying personal data, including using automation tools, in including advertising (invitations to events, information on the latest special offers, discounts and much more), through various communication channels, including by mail, by mobile communication, e-mail, telephone, if the subject of personal data, when completing this Agreement, wishes to receive such information by appropriate means of communication, in other marketing and statistical purposes of Coworking. Coworking reserves the right to choose information transfer channels. In addition to Coworking, the holders themselves have access to the personal data - in the part of the questionnaire identifying their identity; Third parties supporting Coworking services and / or performing the relevant tasks (assignments) of Coworking, in the amount necessary to implement such support and / or tasks (instructions); Other persons whose rights and obligations for access to relevant information are established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Coworking guarantees the observance of the following rights of the subject of personal data: the right to receive information about which personal data of the subject of personal data is kept by Coworking; the right to delete, clarify or correct Coworking's personal data; other rights established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The consent of the subject of personal data to the processing of personal data, expressed in this Agreement, is effective from the moment of receipt of personal data prior to the date of withdrawal in writing and may be withdrawn by the subject of personal data at any time by written request addressed to Coworking. In the event of revocation of consent, Coworking undertakes to terminate processing and ensure the destruction of personal data on time and on conditions established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Termination of processing and destruction of personal data entails the inability to use such benefits as receiving invitations to events, as well as information about the latest trends, special offers from coworking discounts and much more.