Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt 109,
"RIO" mall, 6th floor

 Prices for coworking

Coworking center "Atmosfera" is a comfortable space in Moscow for the work of beginning businessmen and freelancers. For people who do not want to rent a traditional office.

Coworking rent allows you to save up to 50%, as the price includes payment:

  • cleaning;
  • utilities and air conditioners;
  • computer equipment and the Internet;
  • multimedia equipment in the conference hall;
  • shower cabins;
  • equipment in the kitchen;
  •  free breakfast for residents;
  • hot drinks.

Price also includes technical support and assistance in the organization of the workflow. Residents of the center pay only for the time.

However, the economy is not the only advantage of coworking offices. Significant pluses are also:

  • creative atmosphere. When people work around, a person is disciplined, charged with enthusiasm and takes up the job, not postponing for later;
  • interesting people with whom you can make useful acquaintances. You can find friends, business partners, potential customers and investors in coworking.

стоимость коворинга в москве


We lease out jobs in coworking in Moscow and offer 2 fares. Both include high-speed Internet, computer equipment, access to the recreation area and meeting rooms

The LITE tariff is an unfixed workplace, while PRO is its own workplace with a locker and membership in a loyalty program.


Tariff Price
LITE 900 rub. per day
4 500 rub. per week
15 000 rub. per month
81 000 rub. For half a year
PRO 18 000 rub. per month
98 000 rub. For half a year

What we offer

  • 105 workplaces in the open-space zone
  • Meeting rooms with flipcharts and projector. Price 2000 per hour
  • Office-boxes for 2,4,6 people
  • Conference-hall with 64 seats, projector, laptop, mic and flipchart. Prive 5000 rub per hour
Услуги и тарифы



1 день

900 руб.

7 дней

4 500 руб.

1 месяц

15 000 руб.

6 месяцев

81 000 руб.


high-speed Internet

24-hour access

Пользование техникой (МФУ)

Завтраки (от 1 месяца)

Unfixed work station

Игровая зона (от 1 месяца)

10 кредитов

от 1 месяца



1 день


7 дней


1 месяц

18 000 руб.

6 месяцев

98 000 руб.


high-speed Internet

24-hour access

Пользование техникой (МФУ)


Fixed workplace

Личный шкафчик и сейф

Membership in the loyalty program "Atmosphere"

Игровая зона

20 кредитов
    Кредиты можно потратить на:
  • Обед - 4 кредита
  • Переговорная комната 1 час - 2 кредита
  • Конференц-зал 1 час - 10 кредитов
  • Аренда компьютера (ноутбука) 1 день - 2 кредита
  • Скидка 5% - 10 кредитов
  • Дополнительная печать 100 страниц - 4 кредитов
  • Гостевой визит - 5 кредитов

Аренда помещений

Включает в себя поддержку


Conference Hall

5 000 руб/час

A modernly equipped hall for events will make it possible to realize any ideas on the organization of presentations, seminars, training and meetings.

Meeting rooms

2 000 руб/час

Переговорные комнаты рассчитаны на группу из 10 человек.

секретарная поддержка

250 руб/час

Составление протоколов встречи, обслуживание переговоров.

Командный тариф

на четверых

64 000 руб/мес

на шестерых

90 000 руб/мес

Office box

Box for two

от 40 000 руб/мес

Box for four

от 70 000 руб/мес

Box for six

112 000 руб/мес

дополнительное место в боксе

от 20 000 руб/мес


Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt 109, "RIO" mall, 6th floor