Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt 109,
"RIO" mall, 6th floor

About coworking

Atmosphere Coworking

Coworking Atmosphere is the ideal working space. Convenience and comfort for performing any tasks, both for specialists of the highest level, and for those who are just in the beginning.


Atmosphere Coworking is located at Leninskiy avenue, 109 in RIO mall. It is easy to come to the mall by public transport or by the car.

Coworking Atmosfer occupies the entire 6th floor of the mall RIO Leninsky. The infrastructure of the mall includes a spacious and free internal parking for residents, as well as a convenient entrance, a large number of restaurants, cafes and shops. The mall is located on one of the main avenues of the densely populated area of ​​the South-West Administrative District - Leninsky Prospekt, as well as within 10 minutes of public transport accessibility from the Kaluzhskaya metro station.

Newest technologies

Everything you need for productive work is already included in tariff: COMPUTERS, SCANNERS, PRINTERS, PROJECTORS, SPEED WI-FI

Coworking "Atmosphere" is intended for effective work of specialists of any profile and level. That's why the guests are provided with all necessary equipment for any kind of activity, as well as high-speed access to the Internet via WI-FI. Modern personal computers and laptops with installed software, as well as additional office equipment will ensure uninterrupted operation and high-quality performance of specialist tasks.

High-quality service

Atmosphere Coworking is located at Leninskiy avenue, 109 in RIO mall. It is easy to come to the mall by public transport or by the car.

Administrators unobtrusively, but responsibly secure your appearance in the coworking center. They are ready to help with resolving the issues of residents and create a pleasant atmosphere.


Our residents can park the car for free while most of the people in Moscow are suffering from lack of car parking slots.

Free parking for all residents of Atmosphere coworking is a good bonus, that helps them to save time.


OUR COWORKING can help YOU TO GET MENTOR AND EXPERT ASSISTANCE. Various of workshops, meetups are organized in the coworking,

Our mission is to create an innovative space that unites people, inspires and helps to realize ideas that positively influence the world. In order to achieve this mission, we organize meetups with experts and investors. Founders of successful startups come to Atmosphere coworking to share their experience and knowledge.


We work hard to make the maximum for our residents. We created special loyalty system that

A dynamic system of discounts and special offers is aimed at the convenience of our guests. We believe that long-term relationships with our residents can positively influence on both of us.

Great variety of offices

In our inexpensive coworking center we lease a conference room for 64 seats, comfortable offices for 2, 4 or 6 people, spare open-space places and equipped meeting rooms.

Competent zoning of the space in the coworking "Atmosphere" gives our guests a sense of privacy, so necessary, for comfortable work, even when coworking in high demand. Closed offices for 2, 4 or 6 people will be an ideal space for the work of a group of specialists, comfortable meeting rooms will serve as a meeting place, and a comfortable conference hall for 64 people equipped with everything from a projector and audio system to a set of office equipment and laptops in the right amount is ready to constantly host not only corporate meetings, but also individual master classes and business training from experts and investors.


We paid great attention to the rest of our residents in the coworking space. You have access to the play areas with Sony PlayStation, table football, soft ottomans, board games, as well as showers and equipped kitchens (fridge, microwave, coffee machine, dishes, etc.).

Work and life balance can positively influence on our resident's productivity, so we make everything possible to provide our guest with all the need: equipped kitchen, still water, coffee and tea, and even shower cabin with clean towels and slates.